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Attack and Defend Docker containers

A free 12-week email course to
Learn from experts who've taught Docker security to thousands of students in international conferences like BlackHat, AppSec, DevSecCon.

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Learn docker security from the experts with our 12-week course with bite-sized lessons directly to your email.

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Become a Docker security expert.  

Docker (Container) security is one of the most important elements of any DevSecOps Program. Learn docker and its security best practices starting today. This course focuses on one specific action you can take each week with a practical and hands-on lab.

You will learn the following topics over 12 weeks. 
  1. What is Docker and why you should care about it?
  2. Basics of Docker and its challenges
  3. Docker images
  4. Docker containers
  5. Docker networking
  6. Docker daemon
  7. Attacking and Defending containerized applications. 
  8. Static Security Analysis of container(Docker) images for security best practices.
  9. Dynamic Security Analysis of container hosts and daemons.
  10. Docker Swarm and its security.

Didn't we say it is going to be practical? Each of the above topics will have extensive hands-on exercises.


About the course
I was on the course you ran at DevSecCon in London last year, I thought I needed a refresher, and am so glad I did, once again, a very interesting and informative course.
- Andy
Excellent course :) I’m really interested in learning about DevOps and security!
- Juan
Hey Imran and team, Great course and looking forward to the next lesson.
- Georges
Great course, waiting to dig in the following lessons! 
- Itay 
Student Testimonials
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Sign up now to be part of this free docker security course, our next course starts this weekend (Sunday)
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